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This presentation gives people the opportunity to see something other than what they have been told from the traditional teaching on homosexuality and the bible. With all of Kathys research and study she has created a timeline of sorts where all the aspects, science, religion, history, etc. Are put together to give people a better understanding of who they are, where they came from and who they are in Jesus Christ and Gods plans for them in the future. The enemy has kept people in bondage for far too long in the lgbt community. . This teaching will help you step out of the past and into your future! Find out where she is next and do your best to get in on her teachings! Youll be glad you did!

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Kathys impassioned and well researched workshop put intelligent evidence under my discomfort with a balanced argument showing the psychological, sociological, political and textual influences on how the church has viewed this issue and glbti people over relatively recent years. As Kathy gradually built her timeline of these influences I felt grief at the sinned against, but albert also the liberation of knowing there is a way forward. Id highly recommend Kathys presentation to anyone with an open mind and an open heart to understanding the place of glbti people within Gods creation. Christina tyson, wellington, nz, i have heard Kathy baldock speak on several occasions in various places! Kathys message has always been binding one to educate and encourage both the lgbt community and the conservative christian church. Thank god for her! She goes to places that the lgbt person cannot go! The presentation shows how the bible and History come together. I believe this presentation is perfect for the Straight Christian Community to understand how faith and sexuality go together. It aggravates me how the majority of Christian people today only go on what they have been told about homosexuality from the pulpit or other tv evangelicals.

But it never occurred to me to study the culture in which those translations were written mind blown! Your knowledge of the subject and your ability to convey so much information in such a short period of time is simply incredible. And for you to have invested so much of your life into this when you have no personal interest is something that can only come from God! Thank you for your service to him and to/for all of us! I was incredibly moved by the workshop! Angela hartleigh, san Francisco, ca, from toeing the traditional line that homosexuality is a sin, over recent years ive felt a growing sense of discomfort at the churchs continued exclusion of glbti people. Jesus tells us he is the gate, yet we seem to have set ourselves up as gatekeepers ecclesiastical bouncers kites with the right to say who is in and out of Gods grace. This despite the deep and committed sense of relationship that gay and lesbian people are clearly able to enjoy with God.

presentation people

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Download our people powerPoint backgrounds and templates easily and customize them to your special needs. Our templates will set a background to the collection of your own people powerPoint slides. You can easily add your text, the name of presentation and your company name to any powerPoint slide. Whether you are planning a seminar or a lecture, presenting new products summary or ideas to your clients or partners, don't miss your chance to get more power to your presentation with our people powerPoint templates and backgrounds. Download people powerPoint templates today! I was so incredibly impressed with the entire workshop. I have studied the biblical angle of this resume topic and have even studied 1st century roman/Greek culture to get a better understanding of pauls writings. Ive compared Bible translations.

Presentation guides Presentation design resources and inspiration Conquering nerves and the fear of public speaking How to create a captivating presentation How to create a captivating presentation from DashBurst 7 tips to beautiful powerpoint 7 Tips to beautiful PowerPoint by @itseugenec from Eugene Cheng Images. Are you here to get relevant materials for your PowerPoint presentation? You are really lucky as you have come across our full collection of people powerPoint templates and backgrounds! People images of various businesses and social layers, family members, community groups, bright individual images, office related, facial expressions, body language, etc., you will find much more powerPoint graphic to fit your personal needs. Our library of people powerPoint templates covers many popular subjects including family relations, school and university events, solving health problems, business issues, sports and games, charity, cultural life, men and environment. People have always been the main characters of any life performance! Leave the graphic details of your PowerPoint presentation to our designers and it will get so much visual power that your audience will sure be fascinated! Our collection of people powerPoint templates and backgrounds is designed for the needs of teachers and students, businessmen and scientists, research workers and everyone who wants new ideas for their PowerPoint presentations. Quality graphics, professionally designed images, brilliant colors, affordability is a visiting card of our PowerPoint collection of images.

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presentation people

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Here are the key tips for getting your message across successfully: Know your audience your audience will determine the style and delivery of the presentation, so it is important to understand the types resume of people you will be talking to and think about the things. For example, a largely technical audience will want to dive down into the details, while senior managers will appreciate a more strategic-level of discussion. Know your venue and equipment Sometimes it is not possible to gain access to the venue or equipment before your presentation, but as familiarity helps calm the nerves, it makes sense to get a feel for the place you are presenting at and to practice. Smile and engage your audience audiences often appear expressionless and unanimated when listening to presentations and whilst this can be really off-putting to inexperienced public speakers, it is important not to assume they are not engaged or uninterested. At the same time there are some simple things you can do to connect with your audience: Smile smiling to your audience during the presentation portrays a positive and confident image that helps put both you and them at ease. Eye contact Using prompts (rather than reading from a script) enables you to spend more time making eye contact with people.

This ensures they feel they are being involved in the discussion. Dont rush you can use your nervous energy to deliver a very powerful and passionate message, but sometimes nerves make us speed through the material as quickly as possible. Instead try to maintain a measured pace of speech that allows the audience to properly absorb the points you are making. Practice This one is obvious. The more time you take to rehearse, the better your presentation will come across to the audience. Some events will require more time than others; so a quick presentation to a few friendly colleagues wont require the same level of practice as a conference keynote speech or presentation to the board of directors; but the bare minimum should be a few runs. Further resources to help you create better presentations and develop your public speaking skills Here are some more resources that will help you create powerful presentations and overcome public speaking anxieties.

Step 4 Produce an introduction slide before you begin the presentation you will need to introduce yourself to the audience and explain what they will gain from watching. Dan Martell describes this as Whats In It For Me? (wiifm) and Earn The right (ETR) : Whats In It For Me? (wiifm) tell your audience what skill / knowledge / insight / humour they will get out of your presentation. Earn The right (ETR) Explain to the audience why they should listen to you.

Provide them with some brief pointers on your background and accomplishments. Step 5 Produce a closing slide This slide will signify to the audience that the presentation has completed and should provide: A summary of your key message An opportunity for the audience to ask questions your contact details for follow-up conversations and questions. Step 6 Write an attention-grabbing title Writing a captivating title to go on the cover slide of your presentaton will help engage your audience from the beginning. Here are some examples: The radical approach xyz company used to transform the pensions industry how we used xyz app to increase retention rates by 40 Can your business afford not to go onto the cloud? Luckily there are thousands and thousands of articles online with great, attention-grabbing headlines and a quick search on google using relevant keywords will provide inspiration. Step 7 Create a captivating cover slide This is the front cover of your presentation and should combine the attention-grabbing title with strong imagery to engage the audience. Links to tips and inspirational resources for creating cover slides are provided further down this page. Summary by following these seven steps, your a killer presentation will have a structure similar to this: cover slide Introduction slide beginning Slide 1 One or more additional slides if required Middle Slide 2 One or more additional slides if required End Slide 3 One.

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Middle, slide 2, one or more additional slides if required. End, slide 3, one or more additional slides if required Planning tip: When you begin to plan your presentation, dont resume open PowerPoint or even use your computer. Instead grab some post-it notes or a few dozen sheets of scrap paper and use these to mock-up ideas and plan your content. Step 3 Create your slides Audiences are most engaged by slides that beauty use strong imagery and minimal words. Images can include: Photographs Drawings Designs diagrams Graphs Again dont have too many bullet points per slide. One point per slide is optimal, three should be the maximum and very often text can be enhanced by a great image behind. Your choice of fonts, colours and imagery are very important in terms of conveying your message and there are a number of links to further resources and sources of inspiration at the end of this page. Using your preferred presentation software, build up all the slides in your planned structure, ensuring you maintain a consistent look and feel throughout each.

presentation people

Middle, explain the ideal outcome. What does the solution / resolution look like? End, explain how the ideal outcome will be achieved. What are the key steps in the plan / next actions that need to be taken? Try and keep the number of slides you use to a minimum, but also avoid cramming too much information onto each slide. Ideally each slide should deliver a single point, so to achieve a nice balance your structure might look something analyst like this: Beginning. Slide 1, one or more additional slides if required.

software / process / supplier. I want my customers to buy my widget / service / subscribe to my newsletter. The clearer and more succinct you are about the outcome, the more successful the presentation will. Step 2 outline the structure of the presentation. Utilise the power of three and ensure your presentation has a: Beginning, middle, end, use this format to tell your story. For example: Beginning, explain the current situation. What is the pain / problem / issue / concern?

Further resources to help you create better presentations and develop your public speaking skills. The seven-step process for producing killer presentations. These seven-steps will enable you produce a presentation that communicates your message clearly and effectively: Step 1, write down the shortage ideal outcome of the presentation. Step 2, outline the structure of the presentation. Step 3, create your slides, step 4, produce an introduction slide. Step 5, produce a closing slide, step. Write an attention-grabbing title, step 7, create a captivating cover slide. Step 1 Write down the ideal outcome of the presentation.

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This system equips the field worker to show the jesus film and address crowds of 500 people. In addition to the audio and video projection system, the vista 500 ex includes 1 microphone, a 2-channel amp, and 1 speaker so the field worker can share a message and conduct praise and worship along with the film. Everything fits in one comfortable easy-to-carry backpack. Program Cost, without Solar: 1,340, with Solar: 1,880, to find out how to get this equipment into the hands short of a missionary, contact us or call. The ability to communicate with a group of people and motivate them to take action is one of the greatest skills a leader can have. In addition to this, delivering an amazing presentation and winning the respect of your audience is also a very satisfying and rewarding experience. To help you improve your presentation skills and raise your confidence when speaking in public, this guide contains three sections: The seven-step process for producing killer presentations. Tips on delivering your presentation more effectively.

Presentation people
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or partners, don't miss your chance to get more power to your presentation with our people powerPoint templates and backgrounds. By: Emma rourke greenwood/3 Presentation January hawaiis heritage is one of the most diverse in the.

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  2. Teach your KS3 students how people become mps and peers. People and Parliament, presentation 14 how people become mps and peers, their. physical act of being onstage can be the most difficult part of giving a presentation —but people tend to overestimate its importance. to wow, people with your, presentation offers the ability to polish to simplicity your idea, present it with excitement that grab your.

  3. Presentation, pilot Pro is a value-priced wireless remote control for PowerPoint and keynote presentations. 6, presentation, mistakes, people, often make it wont be a powerPoint. Presentation, but a powerWord presentation.

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