Quaid e azam as a great leader essay

2001 as year of the, quaid - e, azam, mohammad Ali jinnah

quaid e azam as a great leader essay

E, azam s Dream

I strongly long and wish to see pakistan emerging, as an Islamic state so that once again the world can see the beautiful picture of hazrat Umar Farooqs golden era. May allah the Almighty fulfill this wish of mine. Setbacks in life shouldnt block your way to success. The death of quaid-e-azams wife maryam Jinnah, in 1929, had been a huge setback in Jinnahs life. He used to miss his wife dearly. It was an irreplaceable loss for him as she had passed away at the young age. Despite the great grief in his heart, quaid-e-azam continued fighting for the rights of Muslims and focused on his goal.

National Assembly of pakistan

Tolerance lays the foundation of peace. Quaid-e-azam preached and the practiced tolerance. He was in favor of tolerance towards minorities and respected with any viewpoint that was against his opinion. Muhammad Ali jinnah, showing a higher degree of tolerance, said in his presidential address: you are free; you are free to go to your temples. You are free to go to your mosques or to any other places of worship in this State of pakistan. You may belong to any religion, caste or creed—that has nothing to do with the business of the state. Religion and worldly affairs should be carried side by side. One can come to know, by pondering upon the following excerpt from quaid-e-azams speech, that how keen he was to implement Islamic law in pakistan: All that I have served the muslims and this land pakistan. I have served it as a personal soldier and servant of Islam. Now, to make pakistan a great nation and a developed country on the earth, you all have to put your efforts with.

Let us mobilize all our resources in a systemic and organized way and tackle the grave issues that confront us with grim determination and discipline worthy of drinking a great nation. Dedication, devotion and commitment transfers dreams into realities. It was due to quaid-e-azams devotion that pakistan emerged on the map of the world. Lord Pethick lawrence, the former Secretary of State for India, wasnt wrong when he said: Gandhi died by the hands of an assassin; Jinnah died by his devotion to pakistan. Quaid-e-azam steered the wheel of the newly built ship, pakistan like an expert sailor. Stanely wolpert said: Few individuals significantly alter the course of history. Fewer still modify the map of the world. Hardly anyone can be credited with creating a nation-state. Mohammad Ali jinnah did all three.

quaid e azam as a great leader essay

A, salute to, quaid - e, azam, muhammad Ali jinnah

Fatima jinnah, quaid-e-azams sister would management give him suggestions and ideas regarding the freedom movement. Allama Iqbal, who was his opponent at first, had a well-documented influence on Jinnah, with regards to taking the lead in creating pakistan. Iqbal succeeded in converting Jinnah to agree with him on the point that Muslims required a separate homeland. Quaid-e-azam eventually accepted Iqbal as his mentor. Discipline is the basic ingredient of success. Reflecting upon his way of life we can infer that quaid-e-azam umum lived a highly disciplined life. In his speeches he would always emphasize upon the importance of discipline in life. In quaid-e-azams speech at Edwards College peshawar 18th April, 1948 he emphasized on the need of discipline: my message to you all is of hope, courage and confidence.

An interesting story about quaid-e-azam relates that once in a court of law quaid-e-azam was appearing as a pleader of client. The monocle that he was using to read the notes fell to the floor. Anticipated that Jinnah would have to bend in his court to pick up the monocle from the ground, the magistrate started grinning mischievously. To his utter disappointment quaid-e-azam put his hand in his pocket to take out a spare monocle. From this one small incident, we can infer that he would never compromise on self-respect and dignity. You cannot bood leader unless you arood listener. There is no doubt that quaid-e-azam was a man of his word but he wasnt a dictator either.

E, azam, international Cup (pakistan)

quaid e azam as a great leader essay

Quaid -i-, azam, founding Father of pakistan - pakistan

Out of those lessons, essay many are worth learning from. Leading by example, true leader is the one who doesnt just order what to do, but shows his followers how to. Quaid-e-azam himself was a practical example of what he instructed his Muslim followers. He was a living example of strength, a treasure of knowledge. Knowledge is the real strength. During the freedom movement a group of Muslim students approached quaid-e-azam to seek his permission to arm arms themselves with weapons.

They wanted to do so because students affiliated with Congress were arming themselves with weapons. The muslim students wanted to do likewise for self-defense against any possible attacks. Quaid-e-azam, replying clearly said,. Instead he advised them to get education and acquire knowledge as knowledge is the strongest weapon they can get themselves equipped with. There should be no compromise when it comes to self respect and dignity.

These are the quaid e azam"s For Students, Education youth so all those who are searching for this must see this and tell us about the effort by commenting down there. See more material Related to quaid e azam. Quaid-e-azam Muhammad Ali jinnah was born on 25 December, 1876 in vazeer Mansion Karachi. In 1940s, quaid-e-azam emerged as an exemplary leader. He came forward as a torchbearer for the muslims of subcontinent, who had been struggling for their rights since 1857.

A lawyer by profession, quaid-e-azam was a man of his word. His charismatic personality and the aura of optimism that would surround him all the time, made him stand out among the other leaders. It was Muhammad Ali jinnahs selfless devotion, commitment, valor and countless such unique qualities that led him to become quaid-e-azam from Jinnah. Raising the flag of Islam, quaid-e-azam gave a new dimension to the struggle of Indian Muslims for independence. Quaid-e-azam, who was a visionary leader, led the Indian Muslims out of the gloom of slavery to the light of freedom acquiring a separate homeland for them. The name pakistan, which means the land of pure, was coined for. Quad-e-azam himself took the reins as the first governor general of pakistan. Reflecting upon quaid-e-azams life we learn a lot of lessons.

Quaid, e azam, about Ed"s

It is a crime against humanity that our women are shut up within the four walls of the houses as prisoners. There is no metamorphosis sanction anywhere for the deplorable condition in which our women have to live. Without education it is complete darkness and with education it is light. Education is a matter of life and death to our nation. The world is moving so fast that if you do not educate yourselves you will be not only completely left behind, but will be finished. The holy Prophet (pbuh) had enjoined his followers to go even to China in the pursuit of knowledge. If that was the commandment in those days when communications were difficult, then, truly, muslims as the true followers of the glorious heritage of Islam, should surely utilize all available opportunities. No sacrifice of time or personal comfort should be regarded too great for the advancement of the cause of education.

quaid e azam as a great leader essay

Pakistan is proud of her youth, particularly the students, who are nation builders of tomorrow. They must fully equip themselves by discipline, education, and training for the arduous task lying ahead of them. We must work our destiny in our own way and present to the world an economic system based on true islamic concept of equality of manhood and social justice. We will thereby be fulfilling our mission as Muslims and giving to humanity the message of peace which alone can save it and secure the welfare, happiness and prosperity of mankind Speech at the opening ceremony of State bank of pakistan, karachi july 1, 1948. I shall always be guided by the principles of justice and fairplay without any, as is put in the political language, prejudice or ill-will, in other words, partiality or favouritism. My resume guiding principle will be justice and complete impartiality, and i am sure that with your support and co-operation, i can look forward to pakistan becoming one of the greatest nations of the world. Do not forget that the armed forces are the servants of the people and you do not make national policy, it is we, the civilians, who decide these issues and it is your duty to carry out these tasks with which you are entrusted. Quaid-e-azam to Armed Forces, aug 14, 1947. We are victims of evil customs.

enough to counter threats to our nation and defeat our enemies. (Message to bohar Students of Karachi, ). I insist you to strive. Work, work and only work for satisfaction with patience, humbleness and serve thy nation. (All India muslim Students Conference jalandhur, ). When you have got that light of knowledge by means of education and when you have made yourselves strong economically and industrially, then you have got to prepared yourselves for your defence — defence against external aggression and to maintain internal security. (Presidential address at the conference of the punjab Muslim Students Federation, march 2, 1941).

You must be aware of international events and environment. Education is a matter of life and death for our country. Development is being sought in every walk of life and you have to take on this process of development. Are you preparing to take on tomorrows responsibilities? Are y7ou building your capacity? Are you trained enough? If no, then go and prepare yourself because this is the time to prepare yourself for future responsibilities.

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Here is the complete collection of quaid table e azam"s For Students, Education, youth have a look but first let me tell you some detail of this person. Father of the nation pakistan quid e azam Muhammad Ali jinnah was born on 25th December, 1876 in Karachi. He was a great Lawyer, congressman, leader, politician, diplomat infact a complete man. Due to his great effort today pakistan have a different identity in the map of the world as a free state. Muslims walk on the way of quid e azam in pakistan Came into being on 14th August 1947 but after the one year of independence of Muslims of the subcontinent quid-e-azam Muhammad Ali jinnah was no more in between us and country lost one. You must concentrate on gaining knowledge and education. It is your foremost responsibility. Political awareness of the era is also part of your education.

Quaid e azam as a great leader essay
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It was undoubtedly the quaid s great leadership that made a forlorn scattered multitude into a nation. Quaid e azam Muhammad Ali jinnah was the founder of pakistan. He was born in 1876 in Karachi (Metropolitan).

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  1. Our quaid -e -azam, which means the great leader, was born in Karachi on the 25th of December, 1875. Quaid -e -azam as a leader. A leader of the people is their servant (Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him).

  2. Mr Jinnah he said on his death in 1948, was great as a lawyer, once great as a congressman, great as a leader of Muslims, great as a world politician and diplomat, and greatest of all as a man of action. Quaid -e -azam Muhammad Ali jinnah, the founder of pakistan, is our national hero. His name will be remembered with great honor in the history of mankind.

  3. Tuesday, january 13, 2009. He is officially known in pakistan as quaid -e -azam (Urdu: — "Great leader and Baba-e-qaum ( ) father of the nation. Father of the nation quaid -i -azam Muhammad Ali jinnahs achievement as the founder of pakistan.

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