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The company in 1987 purchased la petite boulangerie, a chain of 119 French bakery/sandwich stores, from Pepsico for 15 million. In just four weeks Randy fields used specially developed software to help him and his wife reduce la petite boulangerie's administrative staff from 53 to just three individuals. Several articles in business and computer magazines in the late 1980s praised Mrs. Fields' cookies' innovative use of computer software to run its expanding cookie operations. The firm equipped each of its stores with inexpensive ibm-compatible computers that were linked by modems to the company's larger system in Park city. Computerization allowed the firm's retail stores to plan daily production schedules, monitor stocks and order materials automatically, communicate with headquarters using electronic mail, improve employee training, and handle payroll and other accounting tasks.

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Although combined revenues from these firms were just 150 million in 1983, profit margins ran higher than in other industries, partly because of dvd inexpensive materials. For example, batter for five pounds of cookies cost only.50, and cookies were relatively easy to produce. Frank bonanno in the. Forbes article estimated that "Pretax profits run anywhere between 10 and.". For several years Debbi fields rejected the idea of franchising her stores. She realized the cookies and other products could be duplicated but not the atmosphere of "love and caring" that was so important to the business. She also said in her book put that she did not "want anyone else to get his hands." Although in 1987 she intended to retain "complete control and complete responsibility economic necessity changed that approach in just a few years. By 1987 Debbi fields had created 14 different kinds of cookies: Pecan Whites; Milk Chocolate with and without walnuts; Semisweet Chocolate with and without walnuts; Semisweet Chocolate with and without macadamia nuts; Coco-mac with coconut and macadamia nuts; Oatmeal raisin Nut, called Debra's Special; peanut. Her stores also sold five kinds of brownies, her own ice cream, candy, and muffins. Fields' cookies did well financially. It earned a profit.5 percent on sales of 87 million, up from.6 million in 1986.

Fields' cookies recorded sales of about 30 million. By early 1983 the resume company had moved to park city, utah, and operated 70 stores from Honolulu to Chicago, and then it decided to open its first store in New York city. When the firm began in the late 1970s, about 100 independent stores sold gourmet or specialty cookies. By 1983, according. Forbes, competition in this niche industry had resulted in just a few main companies. Fields' cookies competed against the famous Amos Chocolate Chip cookie corporation, started in 1975 by wally (Famous) Amos. By 1983 Famous Amos began a program to franchise 100 stores within two years. David liederman began david's cookies with a store in Manhattan and soon dominated the new York city market for specialty cookies. Other key firms included The famous Chocolate Chip cookie company headed by President Frank bonanno, the Original cookie company owned by cole national Corporation, and Original Great American led by President Arthur Karp.

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Debbi fields then had a kahuna or priest of the native hawaiian culture bless her store. "The day after the ceremony, crowds of cookie buyers appeared; since that day, the Ala moana location has been one of our most successful and profitable stores.". A few months later the firm reached a major milestone when it opened its first Utah store-in the Crossroads Mall in Salt lake city. Debbi previously had been to Utah to ski, but the store was the idea of Michael Murphy, one of her company officers. By the spring of 1981 the company operated 14 stores. At a training session, debbi fields was impressed with the fact that each store manager knew which cookies he had baked even when they were mixed up with those baked by the other managers. That experience assured her that the company training was successful.

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debbi fields business plan

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Debbi fields explained that, "The point wasn't to make money, the point was to bake great cookies, and we sacrificed for that principle. From the very first, i set up a policy that we still follow today. Our cookies had to be writing warm and fresh and when they were two hours out of the oven, what hadn't been sold was donated to the red Cross to be given to blood donors, or to other deserving charities, and we baked a new batch. We guaranteed everything we sold.". By 1979 the company had three stores but had reached a turning point.

Working 16 hours a day to oversee everything, debbi fields said, "The cookie business had become a monster, demanding and demanding." She was so busy she had to schedule times to see feelings her husband. She and Randy offered the rights to the company outside of California to foremost McKesson, a large ice-cream maker, for 150,000, but the firm turned them down. They were crushed, but just kept on, wearily trying to handle the burdens of expansion. With the help of some key employees, they managed to survive. Eventually they received but turned down better offers for their firm, for they were learning how to handle a growing business. Fields' stores however succeeded so easily. In 1980 the company opened its new store in the Ala moana Shopping Center in Honolulu, but initially it failed miserably.

Frustrated and afraid to fail, she took samples to people on the streets. They liked the samples so returned to actually buy cookies. Providing free samples to potential customers remained a cornerstone of her business in the years to come. Early Expansion, debbi fields initially was content with her one store. Then Warren Simmons, the builder of the pier 39 shopping area in San Francisco, told her he loved the cookies and invited her to open a store in pier. She at first turned him down, then a year later changed her mind.

Pier 39 had reserved a prime space for Mrs. Employees at her first store kept asking for opportunities to grow. Since her employees were like family, debbi fields felt a responsibility to them. With additional loans, the second store was opened in 1979. The pier 39 store was so successful with its long customer lines that it caused problems for nearby businesses. The pressure was on to open more outlets. An early crisis illustrated how the young company operated. Fields refused to replace higher cost raisins with less costly but also less tasty dates.

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She writing went ahead anyway but needed financial backing from a bank. She and Randy approached the bank of America, their home mortgage lender. Their banker Ed Sullivan trusted the young couple to pay back essay a business loan, even though he expected the cookie business would fail. Debbi said in her book that the bank "trusted us, not cookies. As things turned out, Ed Sullivan and his bank built Mrs. So at age 20 Debbi fields started her first cookie store at Liddicoat's Market in Palo Alto. She signed the lease under the name Mrs. On August 18, 1977, she opened her store at. M., but by noon nobody had bought even one cookie.

debbi fields business plan

She gradually improved the basic recipe pioneered in the 1930s by toll house. Her husband's business acquaintances loved her cookies, so she asked them what they thought about starting a cookie business. "Bad idea they said deal with their mouths stuffed full of cookies. "never work they said, "Forget." Debbi's mother, her in-laws, and her friends and fellow students at Los Altos Junior College also said she would fail. Her husband went along with the idea, but deep down he did not really believe his wife could succeed in the business world. For one thing, market studies showed that consumers strongly preferred crispy cookies. Debbi's cookies were soft and larger than normal and would have to be sold at much higher prices than regular bakery cookies.

spouse by hosting visitors and making polite conversation. However, a painful incident in which she tried to pretend she was a sophisticated person made her decide to do something else with her life. One Smart cookie, she said, "at last i understood that I had to do something that was mine. I gave up, in that moment, the desire to succeed in other people's eyes and realized that first I had to succeed for myself. " She elaborated, "I couldn't be randy's shadow any more, his tagalong. Somehow I would have to change, to become an independent, self-respecting individual able to stand on my two feet.". Debbi fields decided to start a business based on a skill she had acquired as a girl. From age 13 she had baked delicious chocolate chip cookies for her family and friends.

Fields' Original cookies, the Great American cookie company, the Original cookie company, pretzel Time, hot Sam, and Pretzelmaker. This is a true success story of an American homemaker and her husband who overcame numerous obstacles to create an international business. However, like many companies that began as family businesses, it reorganized under outside leadership and ownership. The firm's chocolate chip cookies were so popular that they became the subject of a modern urban legend in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Everybody said She would fail, debbi fields grew up in a catholic working class family in oakland, california. Her father was a welder and her mother raised Debbi and her sisters to become good wives and mothers. Growing up, debbi held a burning desire to be special. Although she was a mediocre student, she learned to work paper hard and sought a way to fulfill her dreams.

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Title: mmt account-Business A02S4, finance, desc: mmt account-Business is an ms excel based software on Accounting, sales, purchases, Inventory and Manufacturing operations. It is Easy to use and User-friendly and supports most Microsoft Excel versions on Windows platform. The software is a good and powerful tool; in particular for small business or small operations. The software has the below special features which are not commonly letter provided by other accounting. Reference for Business, company history Index, food Services and Retailers 2855 East Cottonwood Parkway, suite 400. Salt lake city, utah 84121,. Fields' Original cookies, Inc. Bakes and sells specialty cookies, brownies, pretzels, and other baked goods. From one store started by debbi and Randy fields in 1977, the firm has expanded to over 1,500 stores named Mrs.

Debbi fields business plan
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  1. Debbi, fields will share her pursuit of the American dream as part of the Indiana State Universitys University Speaker Series at. Debbi, fields 1 tip to get new customers. Viaweb s First Business Plan Started and quickly sold for 49 million. Mmt account- business A02S4 feedback/Report.

  2. Debbi, fields, mrs, fields, cookie entrepreneur. So why is it all of a sudden a case of the business plan is now becoming a second thought? In fact, we still use the same delicious chocolate recipe that. Debbi, fields carefully created when she started her business 30 years ago.

  3. Or an existing business. I ve never felt like i was in the cookie business. I ve always been in a feel good feeling business.

  4. Debbi said in her book that the bank trusted us, not cookies. Debbi, fields grew up in a catholic working class family in oakland, california. Unit 1 Case Study: Writing. Such individuals are less concerned with titles and promotions than with being considered experts in their fields.

  5. M is a collection of famous, inspiring, and meaningful"s that resonate with humankind throughout the ages! Debbi, fields," of the moment (next"). Debbi, fields, category: Business.One minute managera The passion, plan offers a simple, easy-to-follow recipe for finding your own special passion and following it to greater personal satisfaction and success.

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