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improve my resume

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D in organizational behavior from Union Institute university, is author of Dynamic cover Letters for New Graduates and a foot in the door: Networking your way into the hidden Job Market, as well as Top Notch Executive resumes. D., she also authored Dynamic cover Letters, write your way to a higher gpa (Ten Speed and The complete Idiots guide to Study skills. Visit her personal website. Taking your work to the next level means setting and keeping career goals. A career goal is a targeted objective that explains what you want your ultimate profession. Defining career goals is a critical step to achieving success. You need to know where youre going in order to get there.

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Just be sure thats the case. College students, too, need to be aware of inside jargon. At Stetson University, my alma mater, for example, we have an annual charity fundraiser called Greenfeather; freshman-orientation leaders called focus advisers; and a volunteer organization called Into the Streets. The schools graduates routinely use those terms on their resumes without any explanation, as though everyone knows what Greenfeather, focus, and Into the Streets mean. Look at your resume from an outsiders perspective — and explain (or eliminate) any unfamiliar terms or acronyms. Bonus tip: be sure to list locations (city and state) for all your past employers. Its resume protocol to do so, and employers expect to see assignment that information. Im constantly amazed at all the resumes I see that list names of past employers, but dont tell where those employers are located. Additional Resources for Jobseekers: Katharine hansen,. D., creative director and associate publisher of quintessential Careers, is an educator, author, and blogger who writes about storytelling in the job search at a storied Career. Katharine, who earned her.

Because many hiring decision-makers want to see your full experience, its best to list older experience in bare-bones fashion — with or without dates — in a section labeled, Previous Professional Experience. Similarly, dont give the date of your college graduation if it was more than about 10 years beauty ago. Spell out any acronyms you think could be questionable, and explain any terms you think some readers of your resume might not understand. Be sure the reader will understand all the acronyms and jargon you use in your resume. Resumes in the high-tech field are notorious for these mysterious terms. We recently received a resume containing the following acronyms and jargon: mcse, mcpi, tcp/ip, cca, ccna, token ring and pcmcia network interface cards for lan connectivity, nt service packs, Ethernet cards, server.0, sql.5,.0, red Hat Linux.1, turbo linux.0 and Caldera. Now, chances are that employers in this jobseekers field understand all these terms.

improve my resume

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Use a two-column format with headings in the left-hand column. To conserve space, narrow or even eliminate the left-hand column and simply stack your headings on top of each section. Formatting such as columns doesnt work story well with employers Applicant Tracking Systems. Make sure your resume has a sharp focus. Again, given the microscopic amount of time that employers spend screening resumes, you need a way to show the employer at a glance what you want to do and what youre good. One way is to add a section called something like summary of qualifications, or Profile. Dont emphasize older experience on your resume. The rule of thumb for someone at the senior level is to spotlight about 15 years worth of jobs. Age discrimination, unfortunately, is a reality.

Even if youve mastered skills that are in great demand, dont emphasize them if theyre not the skills you want to use in the future. Dont fret about the one-page resume rule. What you should avoid is having one full page with just a little bit of text on your second page. If you fill a third or less of the second page, consider condensing to one page. Ways to condense: Narrow your margins. The margins in Microsoft Word are set very wide by default. You can have margins as narrow.75 all around and still have a nice-looking document. Use a smaller font size, but not too small. A font size of 11-point is good; dont go smaller than.5-point.

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improve my resume

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Created a high profile for the store through effective personal relations with the entertainment community, chamber of Commerce, the city of beverly hills and charity organizations. Created high profile for store through effective personal relations with entertainment community, chamber of Commerce, the city of beverly hills and charity organizations. Focus on describing past job activities that highlight the skills you most like to use and want to use in your next job. Use strong, concrete verbs to describe your jobs, and dont mix noun and verb phrases. Lets look at this example: Managed and controlled all aspects of companys West coast presence. Complete ownership of inventory and financial standards. Full p l responsibilities.

Noun, analyzed market and forecast sales, prepared corporate budgets and monitored results to achieve roi objectives. Instead, be consistent with verbs: Supervised inventory and financial standards. Completely essay oversaw profit and loss aspects of operation. Avoid weak verbs Focus on describing past job activities that highlight the skills you most like to use and want to use in your next job. Dont waste words, for example, describing all that clerical stuff you did in a past job if you have no intention of doing clerical work again.

Those little words a, an, and the. Generally speaking, resumes arent written in sentence form, but in concise phrases that have become an accepted shorthand that employers understand. Articles tend to clutter up that shorthand; your resume will read in a more streamlined manner without them. Consider these before and after examples: before: after: Recruited to manage the womens division and oversee the opening of the madison avenue store. Recruited to manage womens division and oversee madison avenue store opening. Promoted within five months to vice-President and General Manager of the beverly hills store.

Promoted within five months to vice-President and General Manager of beverly hills store. Managed and controlled all aspects of the companys presence on the west coast. Managed and controlled all aspects of companys West coast presence. Coordinated and supervised all aspects of the opening of the beverly hills Store. Coordinated and supervised all aspects of beverly hills store opening. Facilitated the development of management and staff to ensure store growth and minimize turnover. Facilitated management and staff development to ensure store growth and minimize turnover.

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Same with dates women of involvement in professional or civic organizations; ask yourself if those dates will be meaningful to the employer reading your resume. Jobseekers have a particular tendency to set off dates of employment with parentheses. Its and easier on the reader if you just use commas. The line references: available upon request. This statement is highly optional because it is a given that you will provide references upon request. If you couldnt, you would have no business looking for a job. The line can serve the purpose of signaling: This is the end of my resume, but if you are trying to conserve space, leave it off.

improve my resume

Anyone (well, maybe not anyone) can perform the duties listed in a job description. Job-description language is not what sells in a resume. Accomplishments-oriented language tells employers how youve gone above and beyond in your jobs, what makes you special, how youve taken initiative and made your jobs your own. Eliminate clutter from your resume. Several elements can clutter up your resume and impede readability: Unnecessary dates. Dont list dates that dont add anything to need your resume; for example, dates you spent involved in college extracurricular activities. If you were involved in these activities during college, the reader can pretty much guess your dates of involvement, and listing the dates will just clutter up your document.

comfortable listing your grad date when you dont yet have the degree, you can say, for example, expected may 2014. By the way, the resume Ingredients Rule is also the reason that experience and education are listed in reverse chronological order on your resume; its assumed that your most recent education and experience are most important and relevant to the reader. Sure, its nice to keep your resume to one page if you can, but dont go to extraordinary lengths, such as by using tiny type. If you have significant experience, youll probably need more than one page. Eliminate responsibilities words from your resume vocabulary. Never use expressions like duties included, responsibilities included, or Responsible for on your resume. Because your resume should be accomplishments-driven, not responsibilities-driven.

Its just easier to read. Follow The resume Ingredients Rule. Set forth by donald Asher, author of numerous resume books, the rule says that information on a resume should be listed in order of importance to the reader. Therefore, in listing your jobs, whats generally most important is your title/position. Title/position name of employer city/state of employer dates of employment, i cant tell you how many resumes ive seen that list dates first. Dates can be important to some employers, but theyre generally not as important as what your position was and whom you worked for. Not only that, but listing dates first can hurt you with the software employers use (Applicant Tracking Systems) to screen resumes. To ensure applicant tracking systems read and import your work experience properly, meridith levinson wrote on m, never start your work experience with the dates you held certain positions. Education follows the same principle; thus, the preferred order for listing your education is: Name of degree (spelled out: Bachelor of —) in name of major, name of university, city/state of university, graduation year, followed by peripheral information, such as minor and gpa.

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By katharine hansen,. In my line of work, i see hundreds of resumes, and i often see the same patterns over and over again. I frequently observe resume tendencies that are not necessarily mistakes, yet the jobseekers behind these resumes could have much nicer, cleaner, more readable resumes if they just tweaked a few things. And none of these tweaks are hard to accomplish. Even if your resume has other problems, youll taxi see significant improvements if you make these 10 easy fixes. Use a bulleted style to make your resume more reader-friendly. Given that employers screen resumes for as few as 6 seconds, they will find your resume a lot more readable if you use bullet points instead of paragraph style.

Improve my resume
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  2. Now, don t worry, i m not going to ask you to redo the entire thing. Seven easy ways to improve your. Employers like to see evidence of previous experience on CVs. But it s not only work placements and.

  3. Writing the perfect r esume isn t easy - here are a few things to make yours stand out. No matter how good your resume is, it can always be better. I heard you groan— b ut it s true.

  4. I believe i could use resume writing service, but after reading few recent forum comments, decided to write. You recently received word of a job opportunity and need to send in your resume. You open up your resume and it s let s just say it s not the prettiest. 18 ways to Improve your Resume (Infographic).

  5. These ten tips will help you tweak your resume into a nicer, cleaner, more readabl e resume, thus clearing the path to more potential job interviews. Here s how you can improve your resume to increase your chances of landing you r dream job. Use this tips steps to improve a resume, including valuable informa tion on what employers look for when seeking qualified candidates. How can i improve my resume to get a better job?

  6. It s easy to get stuck in a rut when you re working with material you know so well. Here s how to review and revise your resume with fresh eyes. The authors of modernize your Resume explain what to do t o make your resume stand out.

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