Skate shop business plan

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skate shop business plan

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The Theatre offers ballet, jazz, tap, and acrobatics. Uniforms are not required, but ballet students wear leotards, and tights. Also ballet shoes must be either Danzier and pointe shoes must be danzier or Korkov to start, then students have their own choice. For tap, students must wear Danzier or Tones taps. Skate Clubs Discussion with individuals whose children take skating lessons in Plymouth showed that students were lined around the block to sign up for lessons this September. All indications are that figure skating is growing rapidly as an alternative for girls, especially with the Olympics emphasizing. A three-rink ice arena is slated to open soon in Ann Arbor; and a large skating arena, amber oaks Ice Arena, currently exists in Howell.

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Tap students wear black taps, reba, tones or Harver. No jazz shoes are required until students are 10 years old. Jesse's Studio of world Dance located at 10 Sullivan Street in Brighton has an even distribution of students between ballet, jazz, and tap. Jesse's requires ballet students to wear black leotards, pink seamed tights, as well as Danzier or Korkov shoes. For tap, jesse requires Danzier and Tones shoes. Kim's School of Dance found at 946 statement Highland, mi has approximately 560 students, with an even distribution of ages. Kim offers ballet, jazz, and tap. She requires ballet students to wear black leotards, pink tights, pink skirts with elastic waistbands and Danzier or Korkov shoes with a split sole for company; others can wear anything. Kim requires Danzier and Tones tap shoes for tap students. The Plymouth Dance Theatre has approximately 150 students, ages 3-18 years. There is an even distribution of students in the classes, but 10 are on pointe.

Alex's School of Dance is located at 482 Indian Trail essay in Howell, michigan. The primary teacher is the owner, Alex Sanchez. The house of Dance is located at 1350. In Brighton with approximately 230 students of all ages, most are in ballet and tap. Approximately 10 students are on pointe. Alex's offers ballet, jazz, and tap. Alex's requires ballet students to wear pink ballet shoes, whatever brand fits the best.

skate shop business plan

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Amy Scott School of Dance is located at 20534 lyon Drive, lyon Twp.,. Amy Scott, the owner, is the primary teacher. Located at Howell is the centre for and the Art of Dance. Rachel Hathaway is the primary teacher. The center has 250-300 students, most of which are between the ages of 3-11 years old. Approximately 300 students participate in ballet, 100 in tap, and 100 in jazz. The centre's requirements are for ballet—pink leotard, powder blue for intermediate students; black leotard for teens and adults. Most ballet students are required to use danzier shoes. For tap, black leotards are required.

Fitness centers, the ymca, and community/public school programs were not surveyed because they are considered transient customers who are unreliable, yet still with customer potential. Dance Studios A survey of dance studios in the Plymouth area shows the following: Brighton Institute of Dance which is located at 800 Marnier, Brighton,. Ariel Lyndstrom is the teacher. There are approximately 200 students, ages 3-18 years. Of the students, 200 are in ballet; 30 on pointe. The Institute offers ballet, jazz, and tap. For ballet, black leotard pink tights are required. Students can wear skirts and a different color once a week. Danzier and Korkov shoes are used for beginning students.

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skate shop business plan

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Customer Demographics The target audience of Arabesque dance skate Shop includes english dancers, skaters, and exercise enthusiasts within a 20 mile radius of the city of Plymouth. This radius encompasses residents of livingston, washtenaw, western oakland, western wayne, and southern Shiawassee counties. Cities in these counties include Ann Arbor, Brighton, dexter, hartland, highland, howell, milford, novi, northville, pinckney, plymouth, south lyon, wixom, and Y psilanti. General Population roughly 377,690 potential customers live within a 20 mile radius of Plymouth with an average household income of 42,267 and an average per capita income of 17,930. Demographics for the city of Plymouth indicate a population of 5,686, with an average household income of 35,551 and average per capita income of 17,019. The population of Ply mouth is 14,815 with an average household income of 56,009 and average per capita income of 20,360. Within a 10 mile radius of Plymouth is another 92,240 potential customers with an average household income of 43,943 and an average per capita income of 16,991.

Within the next 10 mile radius are 264,949 more potential customers with an average household income of 40,566 and an average per capita income of 18,463. For a breakdown of potential customers by city, please reference the section titled Demographics. Dancers, skaters, and Exercisers Potential customers would be drawn from dance studios, skate clubs, fitness centers, community education programs, ymca classes, and public and private schools. The following demographics for dance studio teachers and students were private obtained through a survey. Skate clubs were not surveyed because we assumed the results would be similar to those of dance studios.

Hours are: 10:00. Monday through Wednesday 10:00. Thursday and Friday 10:00. Saturday initially, the store will be staffed by two employees, at least one a principal, at all times. Three employees will work on Saturdays.

Additional principals would come in as needed to handle customer service, inventory, and maintenance. With expansion, additional customer service representatives would be employed. Market analysis product and Service description Arabesque dance skate Shop will offer for purchase dance, skate and exercise wear, including ballet, jazz and tap shoes, tights, leotards, and warmup wear. Itwillalso offer "dance" statement clothing and items, such as T-shirts, carry-all bags, and boxers, as well as miscellaneous impulse items, such as keychains, picture frames, calendars, and how-to books. With expansion, it will offer performance-related props and costumes. Need Fulfillment Dance, skate, and exercise students and enthusiasts must currently purchase through limited supplies dance teachers carry, order through a catalog, or drive to Ann Arbor, livonia or dearborn for a complete line of ballet, tap, jazz and skating apparel and shoes. One or two studios try to stock their own apparel, but to date, this method has not been reliable. Their stock is old, outdated, and limited. Arabesque dance skate Shop will meet the needs of students by offering a complete line of high-quality, reasonably priced dance and skate apparel and shoes.

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These include: Products, tap and jazz shoes, ballet and point shoes. Leotards, skate leotards, tights, skirts, sweaters, assignments warmup suits and leg warmers. Statement items: "Dance" T-shirts, sweatshirts, boxers, miscellaneous: ribbons, combs, keychains, picture frames, calendars, how-to books, snoods, belts, and other dance related keepsakes. Company Structure, arabesque dance skate Shop is a family-owned partnership comprised essay of seven principals: John Harper; his wife, sarah Harper; their son, matt Harper; their daughter Carol Simmons and her husband, Steve simmons; and their daughter Elizabeth Alexander and her husband, paul Alexander. Each partner brings to the business varying areas of expertise and is responsible for the area of the company that best utilizes his or her skills. All will assist in other areas where needed. Arabesque is slated to open for business in January 1996, if not sooner.

skate shop business plan

In meeting with potential suppliers, the principals have narrowed their choice of suppliers to danzier, Emmet, and Performance attire. The range of shoe suppliers would be broader to include Brien and Korkov. The principals have developed a marketing action plan that includes news releases, fact sheets, advertising, direct mail, visits to dance studios and skating clubs, discounts, gift certificates, giveaways, a grand man Opening celebration. The target date for opening is early january. The store would be managed by sarah Harper, carol Simmons, and Elizabeth Alexander with assistance from the other principals. Two principals would be present weekdays; three would be in the store on Saturdays. Hours are monday - wednesday, 10 am - 7 pm; Thursday -friday, 10 am - 9 pm; Saturday, 10 am -. Of the seven principals, two are in finance, two are in marketing, two have danced a number of years and are familiar with the merchandise, and one has the technical ability to maintain the building. Brief business description, products to be offered include name-brand dance, skate and exercise wear; a small selection of costume props, and miscellaneous dance-related keepsake or statement products.

are required by studios, students have no choice but to drive great distances for their attire. Prior to making the decision to open in the Plymouth area, the principals conducted a market analysis that included: Studying the population and economic demographics of the area; Surveying dance studios and students; Researching the competition, including their strengths and weaknesses, and. Meeting with supplier representatives. The population includes about 377,700 potential customers within a 20-mile radius of Plymouth with an average household income of 42,267. A survey of the studios showed roughly 1,500 students in the area, taking ballet, tap and/or jazz. Each type of dance requires a different type of shoe. Ballet students report going through two pair of ballet shoes, four to ten pair of pointe shoes each year. They also need tap and jazz shoes and leotards and tights in a variety of styles each year.

Building/fixture sources, financial projections, statement of purpose goals, the purpose of Arabesque dance skate Shop is to meet a need in the rapidly growing Plymouth community for high-quality, reasonably priced dance, skate, and exercise wear. Recognizing that currently residents of the Plymouth community must drive to other cities for supplies or must order through catalogs and not be certain of what they will receive, arabesque will provide vertebrae these products locally. The goal of Arabesque dance skate Shop is to provide high-quality, reasonably priced dance, skate, and exercise apparel to dancers, skaters, and exercise enthusiasts. Inherent in this goal is the desire to provide excellent service to every customer. The goal of this business plan is to outline and summarize how the goals of Arabesque will be accomplished. Arabesque dance skate Shop is a family owned and operated retail business specializing in dance, skate, and exercise wear. The decision to establish a business in Plymouth was based on a market analysis that showed no existing retail dance or skate wear shops within the city limits, and few shops in nearby cities.

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Please check our calendar below to make sure there aren't writing any upcoming private hire/events on when you plan to visit!, sun, mon, tue, wed, thu, fri. Home, business Plans Handbook, the business Plans section is composed of actual business plans written by entrepreneurs in North America who are seeking financing for their business. Contains articles like, accounting Consulting Business Plan, aerospace supplier Business Plan, bed and Breakfast Business Plan, biscotti bakery business Plan, business Consulting v1 Business Plan, business Consulting v2 Business Plan, car Wash Business Plan, crane service business Plan, diaper Delivery business Plan, editorial Services Business. Contains articles like, automobile Assembly business Plan, freelance Editor v1 Business Plan, freelance Editor v2 Business Plan, kennel Business Plan, maternity aid Business Plan, media producer v1 Business Plan, media producer v2 Business Plan, media producer v3 Business Plan, microbrewery v1 Business Plan, microbrewery. Contains articles like, auto Accessories and Detailing v1 Business Plan, auto Accessories and Detailing v2 Business Plan, carpet Cleaning Service business Plan, computer Matchmaking Service business Plan, dance skate outfitter Business Plan, dial-It Service business Plan, dry Cleaner Business Plan, fast food v1 Business Plan. Business plan, arabesque dance skate shop 5005 main Street, plymouth, michigan 48170, the purpose of this business plan is to outline and summarize the plans of the partners regarding: financial resources, needs and uses; marketing, advertising, and promotions strategies; inventory resources and requirements; demographics. Statement of purpose goals, executive summary, brief business description. Market analysis, management, customer demographics, teacher and student surveys, checklist of resources.

Skate shop business plan
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Business Plans - volume. Contains articles like bagel. Shop Business Plan Business Plan, bread bakery, business Plan Business Plan, car Wash, business Plan Business Plan, cigar.

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  4. Skateboards skate, parts in the skateboard, shop. Online skateboard shop for everything skateboarding. Find skate decks, trucks, wheels, grip. The purpose of this business plan is to outline and summarize the plans of the partners regarding: financial resources, needs and uses; marketing, advertising, and promotions strategies; inventory resources and requirements; demographics of the com The purpose of Arabesque dance skate Shop.

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