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Livingstone would not be drawn into that subtle snare of the tempter, the desire to make a good report for the edification of the Church at home. He did not strive for nominal adherents. He writes: "Nothing will induce me to form an impure Church. Fifty added to the Church sounds fine at home, but if only five of these are genuine what will it profit in the Great day? I have felt more than ever lately that the great object of our exertion ought to be conversion" (david livingstone, missionary Annals Series,. He was willing to endure the severest trial of the Christian — being misunderstood by those for whom he was giving his life. "Remember us in your prayers said he, "that we grow not weary in well doing.

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Concerning this experience, he says: "to endure the dancing, roaring, and singing, the jesting, gambling, quarrelling, and murdering of these children of nature, was the severest penance i had yet undergone in the course of my missionary duties" (david livingstone, missionary Annals Series,. Yet only in this way was he able to get that thorough the knowledge of native life which was of such service to him throughout his career. The people Knew Him. Livingstone always exerted a writing peculiar influence over the natives. Before he had been in Africa a year, his gentleness of heart, his real love of the people, and his fearless manner, had so won them that he was able to do what to others was impossible. Time after time, as he went from tribe to tribe and found himself in peril at the hands of savage chiefs, he was able to save himself and others by a single word, a smile or an appropriate gift. Amid all his journeyings, livingstone was in the habit of preaching at every opportunity. His favorite themes were, "The Abounding love of Christ "The real Fatherhood of God "The Glories of the resurrection "The last Judgment." His preaching was simple, straightforward, illustrative, and effective. Knowing the people, he was able to discourse on a level with their understanding. He never "preached over their heads.".

Broomielaw, father and son looked for the last time on pelleas earth on each other's faces. The old man walked slowly back to Blantyre with a lonely heart, no doubt, yet praising God" (Personal Life of david livingstone,. David's face was now set in earnest toward the the dark continent. Before beginning a brief survey of his work in Africa, it may be well to consider some of the characteristics of livingstone the missionary. During his lifetime livingstone was much misunderstood and his missionary purpose was questioned. When he began his second and third journeys it seemed to many that the missionary was being swallowed up in the explorer; but while livingstone was a many-sided man — geographer, botanist, zoologist, astronomer, doctor, explorer — he was a missionary first of all, and. The fidelity of livingstone to his early missionary convictions is now universally recognized. He knew the people. Soon after he reached Africa he spent six months among the natives, and apart from all European associations, that be might get an insight into the inner life of the people.

missionary biographies online

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But the mother, anxious for the sleep and rest of her boy, would not listen to essay this. David and his father talked until midnight of the prospect of Christian missions, and "they agreed that the time would come when rich men and great men would think it an honor to support whole stations of missionaries, instead of spending half their money. The last breakfast at home was eaten at five o'clock in the morning. After the meal, david read the one hundred and twenty-first and one hundred and thirty-fifth Psalms, and led the little group of father, mother, and sister in prayer. Biographers are strangely silent concerning the parting scene with the mother. Doubtless after the manner of godly women, her tears of anguish were shed in the secret place where one who never wrote, save on the sand, was the silent but real comforter. The gray-haired father walked summary to Glasgow with david to catch the liverpool steamer.

The purpose once formed, he never swerved from. Anxious to begin at once the work which be saw in dim outline before him, he remained in England, and further prepared himself with scrupulous care. He was not to be hurried, yet when he was finally ready nothing could keep him back. One scene must have been deeply graven on david livingstone's heart. It was that one which, varied in outward form, is always the same in its real pathos whenever a young man or young woman "breaks home ties" to become a messenger of Christ to the dark places of the earth. On the evening of november 16, 1840, livingstone went home to Blantyre to spend the last night with his parents. The liverpool boat left early in the morning, and there was so much to talk about that david proposed that they sit up all night.

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missionary biographies online

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Be honest (Picket Line of Missions,. Another element in his preparation will be found in his religious experience which enabled him at an early age to form this purpose: "I will place no value on anything I have or may possess, except in its relation to the proposal kingdom of Christ. If anything I have will advance the interests of that Kingdom, it shall be given up or kept, as by keeping or giving it I shall most promote the glory of Him to whom i owe all my hopes, both of time and eternity. May grace be given me to adhere to this!". Again, such was his natural intellectual strength and activity that at the age of ten he was impelled to save enough out of his first week's wages to buy ruddiman's "Rudiments." he mastered Latin in the evening after his factory work was over, and amid. A further preparation resulted from his aptitude for scientific pursuits, and from his passion for exploration. While he was yet a boy he used to scour the country, romping over the hillsides with his brothers in search of botanical, geological, and zoological specimens.

Further, his outdoor life and his enthusiastic participation in athletic sports aided in the development of the rugged constitution, the foundation reviews for which was laid in rich Highland blood. A medical training was an indispensable equipment for a life which was to be hidden for years in the fever jungles of Africa, and it surely was a providential leading which impelled livingstone to tarry until he had earned a medical diploma, so that. But above all, the hand of Providence is seen in that immediately after his conversion he was led to join the missionary society in the village, and thus he became familiar with the lives of such men as Henry martyn and Carl Gutzlaff. Here also he met Robert Moffat, who told him that he had "sometimes seen in the morning sun the smoke of a thousand villages where no missionary had ever been" (Picket Line missions,. After reading Gutzlaff's "Appeal" in behalf of China, livingstone resolved to give his life to work in that country. He gave as his reason "the claims of so many millions of his fellow-creatures, and the complaint of the want of qualified men to undertake the task" (david livingstone, missionary Annals Series,. Henceforth his "efforts were continually directed toward that object without any fluctuation." But the Opium War effectually closed the door of China, and the appeal of Moffat for the thousand African villages constrained livingstone to devote himself to that continent.

Throughout England missionary fires were kindled, and "unexampled liberality animated all classes" (William Carey, missionary Annals Series,. At the time of david livingstone's birth not more than a dozen English missionary societies had been formed. In 1810 the American board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions came into being. Six years later the wesleyan Missionary society was organized, and in 1819 the methodist Episcopal Missionary society was formed. A time of Political Unrest and of Exploration. Not only was david livingstone born at the day-dawn of modern missions, but he also grew up in the midst of a spirit of inquiry and of exploration.

Six years before he started for Africa, england had abolished the slave-trade in all British possessions. The Chinese Opium War was soon to be waged. The minds of adventurers had for years been turning to the dark continent, the last of the great regions of the world to be explored. "Into the kingdom at such a time, and for such a time, livingstone came" (Picket Line of Missions,. A providential preparation of david livingstone for his great work will be found in the hereditary influences which shaped his life. These enabled him to say: "The only point of family tradition that I feel proud of is this, — one of these poor islanders — one of my ancestors, when he was on his deathbed, called his children around him and said: 'now, lads,. You have no excuse for wrong-doing.

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Died Ilala, africa, may 1, 1873 "The end of short the exploration is the beginning of the enterprise.". A boy came to gladden a humble home of Central Scotland in the raw month of March, in the year of our Lord, 1813. It was a time when the acorns were being planted everywhere. Seven years before this boy was born, the haystack meeting at Williamstown had inaugurated the foreign missionary movement of North America. The year before livingstone's birth, william Carey's great printing-house in Serampore resume was consumed by fire. The loss caused Carey to walk in the smoking ruins tearfully exclaiming: "In one short evening the labors of many years are consumed. How unsearchable are the ways of God! The lord has laid me low, that I may look simply to him." Yet this great loss to pioneer missions became, under God, a great blessing.

missionary biographies online

But the fundamentalists found another avenue of attack. Meyer's biblical studies led her to the conclusion that the bible had not been dictated by god, but written by a host of inspired authors and assembled by editors, who sometimes blended several older documents to create an expanded narrative. She defended her conclusions, even in the face of her husband's objections. Meyer retired as head of the Chicago Training School in 1917 and died essay five years later, honored as a woman who had been peculiar in that which is good. Pdf of formatted bulletin insert, related Stories. Missionary biographies. Born Blantyre, scotland, march 19, 1813.

America, asked the Training School's executive committee to allow some of the students to remain in Chicago during the summer of 1887, to concentrate on a ministry of visitation in tenement communities. A few of these moved into a house, soon called a deaconess home, and began to do all they could to alleviate the plight of recent immigrants to rapidly industrializing America? Health care, instruction in child care and homemaking skills, and Christian education. Lucy meyer's second encounter with fundamentalists came when she designed a deaconess uniform, which they criticized as a step toward Roman Catholicism. She countered that it clarified the deaconesses' role and helped to make them welcome. In 1888, her denomination, the methodist Episcopal Church, recognized the office of deaconess. By late in her career, her achievements had achieved such recognition that she could be introduced as the "Archbishop of deaconesses.".

In 1885, she became the first principal of the Chicago Training School for City, home, and Foreign Missions. Her first brush with fundamentalists came when they note attacked the school, saying that all the training women needed for the Christian work they could do was provided by church and Sunday school. She married Josiah Shelly meyer, a former. Secretary, in 1885?defended her school's curriculum that included biblical studies, theology, church history, sociology, economics, basic medical training, and courses chronicling the accomplishments of women. She argued that women needed thorough intellectual training in order to minister to the temporal and spiritual needs of urban Americans. Meanwhile, she had studied the ancient female diaconate and its revival in Germany (1836) and England (1861). Based upon biblical precedent, the office of deaconess was fully developed by the fourth century.

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(1849-1922 the "Archbishop of deaconesses" Who took on The fundamentalists. McEllhenney, it is said of the first college in the United States to award degrees to women, Oberlin (1841 that it is peculiar in that which is good. A compliment equally applicable to an Oberlin graduate, lucy jane rider. She became a physician when most medical schools barred their doors to women. She revived the ancient female diaconate in America. And she refused to close her eyes to theories about how the bible was composed. Born in Vermont, lucy rider taught in a north Carolina school for freed slaves, went to college in Ohio, and studied medicine in Pennsylvania. When the man essays died, whom she expected to marry and work with as a medical missionary, she threw herself into a succession of activities. She taught chemistry at the prep school and college levels, authored The fairy land of Chemistry, wrote songs for children, spoke at religious conferences, organized Sunday schools, and attended the 1880 World Sunday school Convention in London.

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He was later appointed a missionary with the Church Missionary society (cms and settled at the bay of Islands in 1839. HeartCry missionary sib. Together with his family.

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  1. methodist cause in the west, traveling thousands of miles as a circuit rider, missionary, and presiding elder of frontier districts. missionary biographies biographies of david Brainerd, cambridge seven, william Carey, james Chalmers, john Geddie, james Gilmour. and married fellow student Ruth Mccue bell, daughter of a missionary surgeon, who spent the first 17 years of her life in China.

  2. of Scottish missionary, mary martin Richard: intellectual companion and aid to her husband, timothy richard, scholar of Chinese hymnody. series has missionary biographies on, william Carey, jim Elliott, david livingstone, samuel Morris, mother Teresa, galadys Aylward, mary. hes presently serving as President of the general Missionary department which oversees Mission work in all of our churches worldwide. the Uni-bell pvc pipe Association, as well as Chairman of the pvc product Line committee for the Plastic Pipe fittings Association.

  3. viewed on- line, missionary, file series for the board. Missions of the mec and, missionary, file series for the board. When the man died, whom she expected to marry and work with as a medical missionary, she threw herself into a succession of activities. be coast- line, some 6000 miles would be bordering on, russian territory, another 4800 miles would touch British possessions, while.

  4. Great (Picket, line of Missions,. The story of incredible hardship, sickness, hunger, constant wading through swollen streams. Short biography of James Gilmour, Scottish pioneer missionary to mongolia (formerly a province of China). More Information on, james.

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