Vintage stationery letter writing kit

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vintage stationery letter writing kit

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Discover the unique items that VintageWire creates. At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our global community of sellers. Each Etsy seller helps contribute to a global marketplace of creative goods. Organize your Writing Accessories with this attractive solid wood box with black felt liner- easily organizable to fit a multitude of sealing essentials. Made of Solid Birchwood with Mahagony veneer. Fine desk accessories, fountain pens, leather briefcases, portfolios, lap desks, totes, men's wallets, women's wallets, books, and other outstanding gifts. Thank you to everyone who helped make the first. Louis Pen Show a success!

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Product Code: N1013lg, description, shipping Information, organize your Writing Accessories with this attractive solid wood box with black felt liner- easily farmers organizable to fit a multitude of sealing essentials. Made of Solid Birchwood with Mahagony veneer. Product Details, you might Also like. Average customer review: 5 of 5 Total reviews:. 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful: February 26, 2018, reviewer: Sally Thompson from Tinton Falls, nj united States. Was this review helpful to you? 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful: Wonderful, september 5, 2016, reviewer: Talisha cooper from Middletown, ct united States. A beautiful box just the right size for my stamps. July Promotion-coupons free shipping over.

Click more Photos: An organized Desk box melisande to fit all your classic writing essentials. Classic wood Desk Organizer Box.25x6x2.75". Designed with Classic Writing Accessories in mind but functional for many other purposes. Interior Black felt lining, contents shown not included-please order all items separately. Box can be customized with. Brass Plate- click here to view. Price for Empty box, us28.50, availability: Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Business days.

vintage stationery letter writing kit

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When purchasing any electrical products, we recommend you seek a qualified electrician regarding the installation, assembly, and/or completion, etc. Safety should be your highest concern. We make no guarantees, dessay express or implied, of the standards of service, ul certifications/listings, safety, or quality of the products listed within the site. You understand that we take no responsibility regarding the use or misuse of any of the products we sell or manufacture. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you release vintage wire and Supply, including its subdivisions, owners, employees, contractors, and/or agents from any liability. Electrical products could potentially cause life threatening situations. Again, rainbow safety is the utmost concern. By purchasing our products on Etsy, you understand that it is your responsibility to seek a qualified electrician regarding the assembly, installation, wiring, manufacture, safety, etc., of the items you received before, after, and/or during use. Skip to content, wood Desk Organizer Box for Writing Accessories.

If you use a wax seal on the letter itself — as ive done today — then theres no extra cost. Sometimes, the us postal service gets fussy about the return address being written on the back rather than the upper left corner. To be absolutely safe, you should write your address in the left corner (you can do so in an artistic way!). I guess I like to live on the edge, so i usually write my address on the back. While letter writing is a fairly basic topic, sometimes its good to return to the basics! Remember that the instructions outlined above assume that you have an hour or so of free time to craft your snail mail correspondence. . you can always shave off time by using lined notebook paper, skipping the wax seal step, and writing the address quickly! When it boils down to it, we all write letters differently, and I hope that youll take my steps as suggestions (rather then the rule) next time you sit down to write! Product Returns, we cannot be responsible for any items that are returned without contacting us first.

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vintage stationery letter writing kit

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I realize that sealing wax isnt exactly something that everyone has laying around somewhere. If you dont have any, washi tape, a cool sticker, or a diy wax seal will work just as well! Decorate the Envelope There are about a gazillion mail art tutorials on this website, and youre welcome to use one that appeals to you in order to create an artistic large envelope! I opted to make an envelope that echoes the design motif of the paper. Next, write the recipients address and put on some stamps!

I opted to use george Style lettering for the name and Sans Serif (with slightly slanted Os) for the address. An elegant Janet Style return address contrasts nicely with the geometric hand-lettering on the front of the envelope! Additional Tips Once you have decorated the envelope, you can slip the letter inside and send! Here are some tips to follow to ensure your letter reaches its intended destination: make sure you put enough natural postage on the envelope. If youre in the us, this is a good website to reference for current postage costs (especially if youre sending a letter internationally). If you use a wax seal on the outside of the envelope, the letter will cost extra to send (at least in the us). Currently the additional cost is 21 cents (again, in the us).

If you can, try to write in cursive. That will give the letter a nice, vintage feel! As far as content, you can find several letter writing prompts in the. The letter Writers Complete resource. . Here are some basic prompts i use: Write about whats going on in your life, especially if it relates to the person you are writing.

Ask questions  — either specific (What is your favorite restaurant right now?) or more broad (Where do you see yourself in ten years?). Answer any questions the person may have posed to you the last time you corresponded. Make recommendations for recipes, good television shows, or music. Once you have written the letter, fold the top of the letter down. The fold should be just a tad shorter than the vertical length of the envelope — in my case, thats.5. Fold the bottom up over the top, and youll find that the bottom fold is significantly shorter than the top and middle folds. You can now use your wax seal to secure the letter shut.

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Letter Writing Process, decorate the table paper, if youre not using pre-decorated stationery, you umum can embellish the paper to add some personality to it! In the photo below, i have used the geometric Embellishments concept from the. Four Simple Envelope Embellishments post. Feel free to experiment here! You can embellish both the top and bottom of the stationery, as I did in this example, or you can choose to embellish only one edge. Write the letter, if you have opted to use unlined paper to write your letter on, its a good idea to put it on top of notebook paper. You can then use a light box ( thats an affiliate link — but its a quality and cost-effective little machine; the one i use is needlessly more expensive) to see the lines underneath. If your paper isnt too thick, then you probably wont even need the light box to see the lines! (Printer paper is great to write letters on because you can generally see right through it sans light box.).

vintage stationery letter writing kit

I received one of the most beautiful dip pen letters from. Jodean cooper last year what an amazing artist! If you dont have jodeans patience, however, you can be in the regular pen camp with. Just writing pick a pen that you enjoy using, and youre all set to go! Wax seal (Optional a wax seal is a totally frivolous and unnecessary element of letter writing, but if youve got one, it adds elegance and a touch of nostalgia to your work. Wax seals were once a very popular — and necessary — way to seal letters! I always note the irony of using a glue gun to apply such an antique element to letters and yet, you cant beat the modern convenience. If youre interested in a wax seal glue gun, you can purchase one. Paper ink Arts ; otherwise, you can find old school wax sticks in a myriad of colors.

here ended up being.5 wide.75 tall. As a result, i cut out.25 x 12-ish piece of paper. You have some wiggle room on the vertical measurement of the paper because youll be folding it up anyway! Pen, if I have a lot of time and patience, ill write a letter using a dip pen. That said, Im perpetually lacking time, and often my supply of patience isnt much better so i revert to using a gel pen! The pilot G-2.05 is a favorite because of its reliability and vivid ink. Even though i usually dont write correspondence using a dip pen, i think its gorgeous when people do! If youre feeling like writing a dip pen letter, go for.

Envelope, i always begin by choosing an envelope. . Your envelope selection should match your creative mood on any given day. If you travel arent loving any of the envelopes in your collection, you can always make your own! If you would like to write on the envelope with a dip pen and ink, you might take a look at the. How to Choose the best Calligraphy Envelopes post. In the post, youll learn which envelopes play nice with calligraphy, and which to avoid! Paper, you can use any paper that appeals to you! I generally use paper that has been cut to fit the envelope i have chosen.

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Before phones, email, and internet, letter writing was the way to communicate! Inevitably, however, letter writing has lost its place as the most popular mode of communication. It is much more convenient and efficient to give someone a quick call or write them an email. The disadvantage of electronic correspondence is the loss of personal touch: emails, calls, facebook messages, and texts are intangible, and most will fall by the wayside as the days pass. Thats where letters really shine: they capture a piece of the author with handwriting, ink choice, stationery, and enclosures. For that reason, letters stand the test of time — and they make resume the recipient feel very special! In todays blog post, were going to examine how to write a standard and simple yet elegant letter. Letter Writing Supplies, the list below outlines a few basic supplies for writing a letter. Keep in mind that letters are just as unique as the people who write them, so if you want to add or subtract from the list, you absolutely can!

Vintage stationery letter writing kit
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  1. In today's blog post, we're going to examine tips for writing a letter. Fine writing instruments, office supplies and art products imported from Japan and Europe. Bestselling brands include pilot, Uni, and Zebra.

  2. No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Yahead Outdoor mailbox Retro vintage european Aluminum Wall mounted mail Box Post Box Secure letterbox Outside mailboxes with 8pcs Retro Writing Stationery paper and 4pcs Envelopes - -. Letter writing is a personal, artistic, and long-lasting way to stay in touch!

  3. M : Hogwarts Parchment Letter Writing Kit: 2 Sheets, 1 Envelope, 1 usps harry potter Postage Stamp : Office Products. You searched for: stationery set! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search.

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