Phd interview presentation

This is my presentation for, phD interview

phd interview presentation

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phd interview presentation

Advice for presentation for, phD interview - questions and Answers - the

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PhD interview presentation

phd interview presentation

How to make a presentation for, phD interview - quora

Clothes, dresswise, if its an informal meeting with a current or previous supervisor, then whatever you would normally wear book might. However, its probably best to go with standard interview attire. You really cant go too far wrong with the standard issue black/navy/grey suit! Finally - remember this is as much about resume you checking them out as it is about them finding out about you. A phD is a massive undertaking - so ask them what opportunities you will have for training, conferences, interacting with other researchers, presenting your research, listening to other people's research and being part of a research community. A phD can be very lonely at times, so having the active support of other people around you will be crucial.

Ask about the supervision arrangements etc. Asking these questions will help you to make the right decision and also shows that you are thinking carefully about what you are doing. Note: If you have a suggestion about how to improve or add to this wiki please post it here. If you want to discuss this post please post a new thread in the forum. There is information about the structure, rules and copyright of the wiki here. Content checked by qualified Clinical Psychologist on 26/5/16.

Questions about the research. What they will ask will depend very much on the project. If your PhD involves contact with participants from clinical populations, you may be asked lots of scenario-type questions, like what would you do if you had a meeting with a participant and you were concerned about child protection issues/felt the participant might do something. You will probably be asked something about research methods. How you would plan a study, ethical considerations, the dreaded statistics questions, qualitative research methods (if relevant) etc. (All that said, PhD supervisors are very well aware that most undergraduate and masters students are not stats confident and fully expect to help and support you with data analysis and all the other practical and academic aspects of your PhD, so try not.

Giving a presentation, if you have to give a presentation (e.g. A previous project or your proposal) then it should be clear, concise and well structured. The old adage tell them what youre going to tell them, tell them, tell them what youve just told them is good advice. Tutoring Undergraduates, if your PhD requires you to tutor some undergraduate classes, they may ask you some questions related to teaching and engaging undergraduate students in tutorials. Perhaps a good thing to think about here would be any experience you have of leading a team or teaching/training other people. It may also be important to demonstrate your time management abilities as doing both research and teaching together can be very demanding!

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Also, in discussing any piece of research, remember its important to be critical, understand its limitations and alternative ways of looking at things. Your Research Experience, you will almost certainly be asked about previous research experience, whether as an undergraduate or postgraduate student or research assistant, so try to know this inside out, and have some critical ideas about what you did, the limitations of your study and. Remember, its important to be able to think critically about your work and understand its limitations. Research Proposals, if youve applied for a project that already has funding, then be sure to ask for a copy of the research proposal or protocol and form some opinions. These are not usually set in stone, so you might want to have some ideas of your own that you could suggest. You should have an idea of the general literature behind the proposal (whether it is their proposal or your's) and some ideas of where you might like travel to take the project. But remember, this is a good opportunity for you to ask them questions about the research and what they are expecting from you and whether they would be willing to go with some of your ideas.

phd interview presentation

For example, if youre going to meet up with someone who has spondylolisthesis supervised you as a final year undergraduate, masters student, research assistant or assistant psychologist who may want to help you get funding to do a phD. Others, are very formal, like going for a job interview. Where funding has already been obtained (e.g. If you have applied for an esrc case studentship) and they are recruiting a phD student to research a particular topic then it is more likely to be formal. Supervisors' publications, firstly, get hold of the latest publications of your potential supervisors. Read them, form an opinion of them (preferably a very positive one) and be ready to critique and discuss them. But be willing to say there were things you didn't understand or quite get in the papers especially if they are quite technical or in an area you are not familiar with - just demonstrate that you have read them and are interested in them. They'll be looking for enthusiasm, genuine interest and potential as much as for your current level of knowledge and understanding.

make them early, learn from them and move on because a phD is about choices, changes, and challenges. On a more practical level When I first started my Phd i did a lot training and one thing that stuck with me was that doing a phD is becoming a project manager: so learning how to mange resources, time, and people. Disclaimer: Im at the end of my 3rd year so Im sure Ill learn a lot more between now and submission, What ive included here is stuff ive learnt from my own experience, from talking to other PhD students and by listening to my supervisor. Not everything came easy, some things I had to learn the hard way and others Im still trying to master. Continue reading PhD life 101, advertisements. How should I prepare for my PhD interview. There are lots of things you can. Remember, some PhD interviews are very informal more of a chat with your potential supervisor.

Application submission is closed. The final selection stage will be held on October 25 2014. In line with writing dissertations at their home universities and working with their PhD advisors, the cges phd fellows will: get a 500 note eur grant each month and 1000 eur/year for academic mobility for 1 to 3 years (based on annual performance evaluation) receive advisory and. Good command of English is mandatory. More details : in the pdf-file attached. Cges phd fellowship Programme description (in English). I was recently asked to think about what I wish I had known on day 1 of my PhD.

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Zentrum für deutschland- und Europastudien wissenschaftlicher dialog » 2014, cges announces opening of the, phd fellowship Programme. Programme goal : financial and organizational support of young scholars at the early stages of their kites scientific careers allowing them to focus on their research work. Target group : PhD students. Petersburg universities, whose dissertations involve field research in Europe and fall within key. Cges research areas : Selection basis : portfolio (the list of documents is provided in the attached pdf-file phD project presentation and interview. The applications should be sent to until. The submission deadline has been extended to October 13 2014.

Phd interview presentation
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