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That project failed, but the lands were later used for the lvrr's own terminal in 1889. The cnj, anticipating that the lvrr intended to create its own line across New Jersey, protected itself by leasing the lehigh and Susquehanna railroad (L S) to ensure a continuing supply of coal traffic. The l s had been chartered in 1837 by the lehigh coal navigation Company (the lehigh Canal company) to connect the upper end of the canal at mauch Chunk to wilkes-Barre. 16 After the lvrr opened its line, the lehigh susquehanna extended to Phillipsburg, new Jersey and connected with the cnj and the morris and Essex railroad in 1868. 17 In 1871, the entire line from Phillipsburg to wilkes-Barre was leased to the cnj. 18 For most of its length, it ran parallel to the lvrr. The lvrr found that the route of the morris Canal was impractical for use as a railroad line, so in 1872 the lvrr purchased the dormant charter of the perth Amboy and bound Brook railroad which had access to the perth Amboy, new Jersey harbor.

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In pursuit of dishwasher that strategy, the 1868 purchases of the hazleton railroad and the lehigh luzerne railroad brought 1,800 acres (7.3 km2) of coal land to the lvrr, and additional lands were acquired along branches of the lvrr. 11 over the next dozen years the railroad acquired other large tracts of land: 13,000 acres (53 essay km2) in 1870, 9 5,800 acres (23 km2) in 1872, 12 and acquisition of the Philadelphia coal Company in 1873 with its large leases in the mahanoy basin. In 1875, the holdings were consolidated into the lehigh Valley coal Company, which was wholly owned by the lvrr. 2 13 by 1893, the lvrr owned or controlled 53,000 acres (210 km2) of coal lands. 13 With these acquisitions, the lvrr obtained the right to mine coal as well as transport. Edit map of the easton and Amboy railroad 18s witnessed commencement of extension of the lvrr in a new direction. S the lvrr acquired other large tracts of land starting at 13,000 acres (53 km2) in 1870, 9 with an additional of 5,800 acres (23 km2) in 1872, 12 and turned its eye toward expansion across New Jersey all the way to the new York city area. In 1870, the lehigh Valley railroad acquired trackage rights to auburn, new York on the southern Central railroad. 1 The most important market in the east was New York city, but the lvrr was dependent on the cnj and the morris Canal for transport to the new York tidewater. In 1871, the lvrr leased the morris Canal, which had a valuable outlet in Jersey city on the hudson river opposite manhattan. 15 Asa packer purchased additional land at the canal basin in support of the new Jersey west Line railroad, which he hoped to use as the lvrr's terminal.

1 9 to reach Wilkes-Barre, dessay the lvrr purchased the penn haven white haven railroad in 1864, and began constructing an extension from White haven to wilkes-Barre that was opened in 1867. By 1869, the lvrr owned a continuous track through Pennsylvania from Easton to waverly. In the following year, the lvrr—a standard gauge railroad—completed arrangements with the Erie railroad, at that time having a six-foot gauge, for a third rail within the Erie mainline tracks to enable the lv equipment to run through to Elmira and later to buffalo. 1 Further round of acquisitions took place in 1868. The acquisitions in 1868 were notable because they marked the beginning of the lvrr's strategy of acquiring coal lands to ensure production and traffic for its own lines. Although the 1864 acquisition of the beaver meadow had included a few hundred acres of coal land, by 1868 the lvrr was feeling pressure from the delaware and Hudson and the delaware, lackawanna and Western railroad in the northern wyoming Valley coal field, where the. 10 The lvrr recognized that its own continued prosperity depended on obtaining what coal lands remained.

railroad resume

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In 1864, the lvrr began acquiring feeder railroads and merging them with its system. The first acquisitions were the beaver meadow railroad and coal Company which included a few hundred acres of coal land and the penn haven and White haven railroad. The purchase of the penn haven and White haven was the first step in expanding to wilkes-Barre, pennsylvania. To reach Wilkes-Barre, the lvrr began constructing an extension from White haven, pennsylvania to wilkes-Barre. The penn haven and White haven railroad allowed the lv to reach White haven. In 1866, the lvrr purchased acquired the lehigh and Mahanoy railroad (originally the quakake railroad) and the north Branch Canal along the susquehanna river, renaming it the pennsylvania and New York canal railroad Company (p ny). 8 The purchasing of the north Branch Canal saw an opportunity for a near monopoly in the region north of the wyoming Valley. In 1866, two years after the purchase of the penn haven and White haven, the extension from White haven to wilkes-Barre opened. 1 Construction of a rail line to the new York state line started immediately and in 1867 the line was complete from Wilkes-Barre to waverly, new York, where coal was transferred to the broad gauge Erie railroad and shipped to western markets through Buffalo, new.

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railroad resume

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When the lvrr opened, those producers eagerly sent their product by the railroad instead of canal, and within two years of its construction the lvrr was carrying over 400,000 tons of coal annually. By 1859 it had 600 coal cars and 19 engines. Edit The lvrr immediately writing became the trunk line down the lehigh Valley, with numerous feeder railroads connecting and contributing to its traffic. The production of the entire middle coal field came to the lvrr over feeders to the beaver meadow: the quakake railroad, the catawissa, williamsport and Erie railroad, the hazleton railroad, the lehigh luzerne railroad, and other smaller lines. At Catasauqua, the catasauqua and Fogelsville railroad transported coal, ore, limestone, and iron for furnaces of the Thomas Iron Company, the lehigh Crane Iron Company, the lehigh Valley iron Works, the carbon Iron Company, and others.

At Bethlehem, pennsylvania, the north Pennsylvania railroad which was completed during the summer of 1856, provided a rail connection to Philadelphia and thus resume brought the lvrr a direct line to Philadelphia. At Phillipsburg, new Jersey, the belvidere delaware railroad connected to Trenton, new Jersey. 6 to accommodate the 4 ft 10 in (1,473 mm) gauge of the belvidere, the cars were furnished with wheels having wide treads that operated on both roads. S saw an expansion of the lvrr northward to the wilkes-Barre, pennsylvania area and up the susquehanna river to the new York state line. Asa packer was elected President of the lehigh Valley railroad on January 13, 1862.

At Easton, the lvrr constructed a double-decked bridge across the delaware river for connections to the cnj and the belvidere delaware railroad in Phillipsburg. 6 Through a connection with the central railroad of New Jersey, lvrr passengers had a route to newark, new Jersey, jersey city, new Jersey, and other points in New Jersey. 1 The lvrr's rolling stock was hired from the central railroad of New Jersey and a contract was made with the cnj to run two passenger trains from Easton to mauch Chunk connecting with the Philadelphia trains on the belvidere delaware railroad. A daily freight train was put into operation leaving Easton in the morning and returning in the evening. In the early part of October 1855, a contract was made with Howard co of Philadelphia to do the freighting business of the railroad (except coal, iron, and iron ore).

1 The length of the line from mauch Chunk to easton was 46 miles of single track. The line was laid with a rail weighing 56 pounds per yard supported: upon cross ties 6 x 7 inches and 7-1/2 feet long placed 2 feet apart and about a quarter of it was ballasted with stone or gravel. The line had a descending or level grade from mauch Chunk to easton and with the exception of the curve at mauch Chunk had no curve of less than 700 feet radius. 1 Milestone events and acquisitions of the lehigh Valley railroad The 46-mile-long (74 km) lvrr connected at mauch Chunk with the beaver meadow railroad. The beaver meadow railroad had been built in 1836, and it transported anthracite coal from jeansville in Pennsylvania's Middle coal field to the lehigh Canal at mauch Chunk. For 25 years the lehigh Canal had enjoyed a monopoly on downstream transportation and was charging independent producers high fees.

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Porter its president on October. 3 Little occurred between 18, save some limited grading near Allentown, pennsylvania. 4 All this changed in October 1851, when Asa packer took majority control of the dls. Packer brought additional financing to the railroad, installed Robert. Sayre as chief engineer, and renamed the company the "Lehigh Valley railroad." Construction began in earnest in 1853, and the line opened between Easton and Allentown plan on June 11, 1855. The section between Allentown and mauch Chunk opened on September. 5 At Easton, the lvrr interchanged coal at the delaware river where coal could be shipped to Philadelphia on the delaware division Canal or transported across the river to Phillipsburg, new Jersey, where the morris Canal and the central railroad of New Jersey (CNJ) could.

railroad resume

Manville, new Jersey, and Newark, new Jersey. As of, 1363.7 miles trading of road, 3533.3 miles of track; as of, 927 miles of road and 1963 miles of track. Contents, history edit, the 1860 ambrotype "View of Easton". Osborn showing the lehigh Valley railroad's unusual double-decker bridge across the delaware river at Easton. See also: Lehigh Valley terminal railway edit The delaware, lehigh, Schuylkill and Susquehanna railroad (dls s) was authorized by the pennsylvania general Assembly on April 21, 1846, to construct a railroad from mauch Chunk, pennsylvania, (now Jim Thorpe, pennsylvania ) to easton, pennsylvania. The railroad would run parallel to the lehigh river and break the lehigh coal and navigation Company 's monopoly on coal traffic originating in the wyoming Valley. The railroad was chartered on August 2, 1947, and elected James.

rail lines or railroads, acquired more rail lines or railroads, and merged other railroads into their system. The line was known as the. Lehigh Valley mainline during the majority of its time under the ownership of the lehigh Valley railroad, starting in the 1930s. The line was absorbed with the lehigh Valley railroad into conrail and they maintained the line as a main line into the new York city area; the line became known as the. Lehigh Line during the conrail ownership. Conrail shortened the line by abandoning most of its route to buffalo. The lehigh Line still exists and retains its original route but it now also doesn't reach close to new York city but still maintains trackage into the new York city area. The lehigh Line is now owned by the. Norfolk southern railway and has lost its trackage miles between.

Lehigh river ; the railroad was meant to be faster transportation. The railroad ended operations in 1976 and merged into. Conrail along with several northeastern railroads that same year. During its existence, the lehigh Valley railroad used a rail line that later became known as working the. Lehigh Line in order for it to operate. The lehigh Line was the railroad's first rail line constructed which was built in 1855 between. Easton, pennsylvania, and, allentown, pennsylvania, and it served as the main line for the lehigh Valley railroad. Serving as the main line for the lehigh Valley railroad, the rail line expanded past Allentown.

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The, lehigh Valley railroad ( blood reporting mark, lV ) was one of a number of railroads built in the northeastern United States primarily to haul anthracite coal. The railroad was authorized on April 21, 1846, for freight and transportation of passengers, goods, wares, merchandise and minerals 1 in the,. State of, pennsylvania and the railroad was incorporated/established on September 20, 1847, as the. Delaware, lehigh, Schuylkill and Susquehanna railroad Company. On January 7, 1853, the railroad's name was changed. 2, it was sometimes known as the. Route of the Black diamond, named after the anthracite it transported. At the time, anthracite was transported by boat down the.

Railroad resume
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