Report writing on old age home

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report writing on old age home

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In contrast, thirty and forty years old societies have the fewest time for this pleasure activity, 400 hours and 500 hours a year, because they might so busy with their job. In socialising with the other people, people who are more than 30 years old spend more time, more than 200 hours, to communicate with small group people (less than 4 people) while group of peole who are less than 30 years old just spend 150. In contrary, people who are less than thirty years old socialize well in a big group people. They spend more 200 hours than in small group while the older groups just spend their time in socialising with more 4 people less than 50 hours. In doing exercise, middle age group, 30s and 40s, like doing individual exercise while older group, 50 s and 75s, only have few time for this activity (200 hours vs 50-75 hours). Interestingly, the oldest group spend the same time with teenager for individual exercise. But for group sport, no one older group, 60s and 70s,. In contrast, teenagers spend a lot of times, 450 hours, for doing the activities.

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Doesnt do does speak she doesnt Who wants do any. . My classmates often help me, i often help them too. my resume classmates and i often. xiao ming plays basketball very well. Xiao ming _ _ _ _ basketball. Help each other is good at playing.D.C.A.C. A/C.C.B.b recommended view more. The table gives information about how many hours age groups of peole spend their leisure time in a year in Someland. For watching tv or videos, teenagers and elderly, who are more than 70-years old, spend their time a lot for this activity, 1200 hours for teenagers and 1100 hours for elderly in a year. It perhaps most kind of shows in tv offer teenager program while for the elderly, there is no phisical activity that can they do well and watching movie does not require more energy to.

She does her homework at home. She_ _ her homework at home. Mr Scott speaks English in China. _ Mr Scott_ English? The girls want to learn music. _ _ the girls to learn? They have report some friends in China. _ they have _ friends n China?

report writing on old age home

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_ (not close) paper the letter window, please. _he have) a new car? What can he _ (see) on the hill? 20._she walk) to school? No, she take) a bus. Dont want do like play to have is Dont close does have see does read doesnt. Does walk takes. .

parents not be) at home on Sundays. Id like buy). Find has to get listen to go isnt is running know teaches arent to buy e boys _ (not want) to play games. 12.How _you _ (like) the new watch? 13.He can play) football. S time have ) lunch, lets go! 15.Our teacher be) a good teacher.

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report writing on old age home

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Stick your photo here Please introduce yourself in English! 24 Shanghai, china on 12th September houston, the usa tall (2.26 meters) and strong essay parents, yao ming blue dog reading, playing computer games, sports, be clever at basketball houston Rocket Basketball team ( The best player.11 a profile of yao ming Name yao. Now, your are making an intervieiw with yao ming.12_._._._._._.CD_._._._._._-_._._._ twelve years old be born in beijing live in beijing not very tall have dark brown eyeys like listening to music listen to cds at the weekend in the school reading Club be good at English. I cant _ (find) them. I have an old computer, but she have) a new one. Mr Wang wants get) some milk for Lily. Please_ (listen) to the teacher in class.

Its time _ (go) to the classroom. There be) any water in the cup. look, the boy run). Do you know) him? uncle is a teacher and he _ (teach) us English.

I am _ years old. My birthday is. I live with_. I have _ brother(s) and _ sister(s). _ name(s) is, are ).

I study. And i am. My eyes are _ and my hair. I love at home,. I am good at but i am not good. I want to be _ when I grow.

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He _born in write Nanjing. He _with his family in beijing. He isnt very good. He loves _ computer games His friends say hes _ and. His teachers _ like. 11 was born lives listening dark short black. English Chinese member playing years was sport playing polite all helpful has lives my profile name Age birthday birth place Appearance hobby ( Ideal ( my name.

report writing on old age home

Birth place Appearance hobby ( be like Polit and helpful Millie is need _ years old. She _ _ in beijing and she _ in beijing now. Her eyes are _ brown and her hair is _ and. She loves _ to music. She likes _and _ at school. She is a _ of the school reading Club. She _ lots of friends in beijing Sunshine secondary School. She likes _with them. Daniel is 11 _ old.

does Millie like doing? She likes listening to music; reading and writing; talking on the phone with friends. Name -millie -12 years old -beijing -dark brown -black -love listening to music; reading and writing; Age. Birth place, eyes, hair, hobby, nanjing, beijing 11years old short, have black hair, wear glasses like playing computer games Name Daniel Age home address.

( 5 ) main task. Writing about yourself, writing a profile to introduce yourself. Beijing Sunshine secondary School, my name is Millie. I am 12 years old. I was born in beijing and I live in beijing too. Im not very tall. I have dark brown eyes and my hair is short and black. I love listening online to music.

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Unit One This is me! ( 5 ) main task Writing about yourself. Home, pdf documents, unit One This is me! Download, report, description, unit One This is me! ( 5 ) main task Writing about yourself Writing a profile to introduce yourself. Beijing Sunshine secondary School my name. Transcript, unit One This is me!

Report writing on old age home
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  2. Write a report for a university lecturer describing. For watching tv or videos, teenagers and elderly, who are more than 70-years old, spend their time. One can argue that a perfect crime is one that is not reported. If a crime is not reported, no investigation will follow, no arrest will occur, and no prosecution will be pursued.

  3. Last year a new sport and leisure centre opened in your home town. You have recently received the following letter from the. Millie name -millie -12 years old -beijing -dark brown -black -love listening to music; reading and writing ; Age. Be) at home on, sundays.

  4. Just because you and I have benefited from the old economy does not mean. Enjoy proficient essay writing and custom writing services provided by professional academic. How to write a winning ivy league essay essay on old age.

  5. An Easy guide on, writing a synthesis Essay. Reliable research findings show that 16 year old teenagers underestimate hazardous situations and are less. Pragati report on writing at international maidan fair book almost never sits.

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